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In a month where Facebook may have lost as many as 6 million users in the US, and Tumblr — with now over 20 million blogs — surpassed wordpress.com in size, Tumblr is about to hit the critical mass necessary to make it useful as a platform to broadcast and receive news.

So what makes Tumblr great? It enables journalists to send news updates with the immediacy and ease of Twitter. With no 140 character cap, spelling, punctuation and key words and sentences don’t have to be sacrificed. Posts can be short in length but long on substance. And posts can include pictures and video, without having to click on a link or leave the site — information and images together. Journalism is at its best when it provides detail and context.

If you follow someone on Tumblr, then you get his or her updates instantly, you can read them in your dashboard feed and “re-blog” the content you like, all of which makes Tumblr that hybrid blog and social network content stream.

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